We are 100% committed to providing a SAFE and enjoyable boot fitting experience for our customers and staff. Read below for how we plan to do that.


Bootfitting is an interesting process that is different from a normal retail experience in that you work one-on-one with a person in close quarters for an extended period of time. In this regard, it's more akin to an experience of going to the dentist, or getting a massage or going to the beauty salon. Because of this, and also because our staff is tiny and any sickness basically makes it impossible for us to open up the shop, our policies are stricter than most retail shops. This season at Larry's we will doing the following to make sure customers and staff stay safe during this ongoing CoVid-19 pandemic. 

1. Masks will be worn over the mouth and nose by all customers and staff for the duration of the boot fit.  No exceptions.

2. Masks must be either surgical masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks or multi-layer cotton or cloth masks. No bandanas or Buffs please.

3. You must be vaccinated to get boot fit at Larry's for the 2022-23 season. Proof of vaccination cards, a photo of your vaccination card or the card on the MyColorado app is required to be boot fit.  

4.  Because we have to limit capacity, we're only able to accommodate a support crew of one for customers getting a boot fit. Fortunately, there are a number of great restaurants and coffee shops nearby, as well as what we think is the best hardware store in the world, McGuckins, right across the street from the shop, so there is lots to do for your support staff while you're getting boots! Please note, your support person must be vaccinated and wear a mask.

5. An exception to policy #3 and #4 is parents with children under the legal vaccination age who are unable to find a sitter and would still like to get boot fit. For these situations please email us at larrysbootfitting@gmail.com and we'll figure out a plan.

6. We're happy to work with couples or family members living under the same household at the same time, but because we are limiting capacity to sane levels, please book an individual reservation for each person in the group getting a boot fit. There are multiple openings per time slot so this shouldn't be too difficult to achieve.

7. Strange times require interesting policies. We thank you for your cooperation and hope you have a good time in the shop. While there won't be beer in the fridge (darn you CoVid) you can be sure there will plenty of good skiing banter, ski movies on the TV and an overall fun vibe. We hope to see you soon.



What if you are feeling sick but don't want to miss your appointment? We can't emphasize this enough: please, please, please stay home. Give us a call at 303-402-6733 and let's reschedule. We are keeping a few open slots every week for this very reason, so we can reschedule you in a timely fashion. The same applies to staff...if a staff member is sick they aren't coming back to work until they feel better. This goes for everything from a dry-hacking cough and fever to a slight sore throat and sniffles. Let's err on the side of being overly conservative so we all stay healthy and on the slopes!



One thing is for certain: this will be the cleanest Larry's Bootfitting has ever been! This season at Larry's we are disinfecting surfaces, boots, work benches, bathrooms and everything in between throughout the day and before and after work to keep everyone healthy, happy and CoVid-19 free!



Because of COVID-19 we are requiring that customers bring in their own pair of clean ski socks to try on boots. Unfortunately we can not offer "try-on" socks this year. New ski socks from Darn Tough are available for purchase, because there's nothing better than a fresh pair of socks!



Want to buy your son or daughter at CU a pair of boots this year? No problem. It's not uncommon to buy ski boots as a gift for somebody. In these cases, because of limited capacity in the store this year, we can take payment over the phone while the person receiving the boot gets fit. Thank you for your understanding.



Due to COVID 19 we are only taking a very limited amount of walk-in customers this year, and those are mostly reserved for folks who bought boots here and need an adjustment. In addition, if an appointment runs beyond the one or two hour time slot we'll need to reschedule you at another time to finish the fit. 



Thanks for adhering to our CoVid-19 protocols. Now, let's get you on the schedule!