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Two Steps To Great Fitting Ski Boots 

Step One: Read Our Bootfitting CoVid Policies

Getting your boots fit is a unique experience that involves a lot close interaction for an extended period of time. As such, our CoVid policies are more stringent than many other retail stores. Please read our CoVid policies so we're all on the same page about expectations during your bootfit. 

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After you have read the CoVid and Health Protocols let's get you on the calendar! Please choose one of the three options below and select a date and time slot. Note: you do not need an appointment for simple things like buckle or sole replacements, boot heater installs and other repairs where we don't actually need you to put the boot on to see if it works. Stop by during business hours. If it's slow we'll likely take care of the problem on the spot, but it's rarely slow so more likely we'll check the boot in and get it back to you in a timely fashion, usually 24-72 hours.

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